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Web Application Development and Web Design

Why Do I Need A Web Application?

Websites are no longer just for marketing, they help companies manage their business and retain customer loyalty. We offer web design and a wide variety of cost-effective, web-based tools to connect with employees and customers. From simple productivity tools, to customer service portals, to inventory management systems, our tools help streamline your workflow, reduce redundancy, and provide competitive advantages.

You don’t need to be a large company or have an in-house IT team to consider a web application from us. There are many affordable and equally secure cloud computing options available, no matter if you’re Windows or Mac-based or a mix of both.

  • Enhanced customer service
  • Secured access to your data from anywhere
  • Shopping carts
  • Invoicing
  • Inventory management
  • Easy maintenance and updates
  • Competitive edge

Includes: Domain and hosting setup (hosting fees not included), single form submission, mobile friendly.

Whether you plan to do it yourself using templated platforms like WordPress or Wix, or whether you want to build a basic site from scratch, we can make the process painless.

  • 3 pages
  • 1 Form (response emailed)
  • Mobile friendly
  • You provide the content

Includes: Domain/hosting setup (+Fees), SQL Database, Secure logins.

  • 10 pages
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Responsive mobile friendly Design
  • Options to manage your content (CMS)
  • Secured pages
  • Certificate setup
  • Call or Email for more customization

For medium to large businesses, E-commerce sites, Database driven sites

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Responsive mobile friendly Design
  • Role based security
  • Certificate setup
  • Content Management System
  • Customer dashboard
  • Call or Email for more customization

Web based applications such as replacing old software with a custom application built for the cloud or building a custom online interface for some existing software. Similar to a phone app but accessible from anywhere on any browser

  • Accounting software
  • Scheduling services online
  • APIs
  • Integration with existing software
  • Customer service
  • Call or Email to discuss your specific needs.

Already have a website?

If you already have a website or are in the process of developing one, let us make the process a little easier. Whether you need help setting up a third party shopping cart, doing an audit of your search engine optimization or keeping your WordPress plugins up to date.

  • Shopify and other 3rd party shopping carts.
  • WordPress, Wix
  • SEO audits
  • Graphic design
  • Site maintenance
  • Google marketing - Ads, Analytics
WordPress Shopify Google Marketing Platform

What goes into a Website

A Website is more than just some text and images. the following list breaks down the most common steps involved.

Domain registration
  • checkmark Find a name that is available
  • checkmark Register it with a company such as GoDaddy
  • checkmark Decide what platform to host on (Unix, Windows)
  • checkmark Do you want to use shared hosting or have your own VPS
  • checkmarkPurchase and install a certificate to enable SSL/TLS on the site (HTTPS)

Optional added costs
  • checkmark Shopping carts
  • checkmark Integration with 3rd party APIs (i.e.: Maps, PayPal)
  • checkmarkSetting up merchant accounts
  • checkmarkVideo/Audio streaming (Podcasts, Vlog)

Site Design
  • checkmark Site structure/Sitemap design
  • checkmark User interface/User experience
  • checkmark Graphic design
  • checkmark Textual elements creation
  • checkmarkPhotography
  • checkmarkDatabase content entry (optional)
  • checkmark Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Increase your search engine ranking, although all of our websites are designed with SEO in mind, it is not usually enough to stay on top of the competition. It will require relevant content and frequent updates. We can also help with paid marketing options such as Google Ads and Bing Ads. We provide affordable monthly plans to help you increase your ranking and monitor your site.

  • checkmarkInitial technical audit
  • checkmarkAnalyze competition in the area
  • checkmarkSetup Google analytics for monitoring traffic
  • checkmarkKeyword research, and recommendations
  • checkmarkMonthly production of content
  • checkmarkGenerate industry relevant content such as blog entry, article
  • checkmarkBacklinks generation where possible
mobile application

Mobile Application Development

In today's mobile world, you cannot afford to miss out on one of the most direct ways to contact your target audience. Mobile applications are a complement to your existing infrastructure. If you have a team in the field, it can be a great way to keep them connected to your office. For customers, it can put services, such as paying their bills or scheduling services, in the palm of their hand.

  • Native Android and iOS Applications
  • Games and Demos using Unity Engine
  • Productivity Apps
  • Be Visible 24/7
  • Push Promotions directly to your customers
  • Improve Customer Engagement
  • Stand out from the crowd

IOS & Android Apps

Mobile apps pricing can vary from $3000 and up based on the amount of components needed, connections to various APIs and integration with existing apps.

  • Fitness Apps
  • Utilities
  • Productivity Apps

From basic 2D platformers, puzzle games to full 3D on various platforms

  • Unity Engine
  • WWise Audio
tech support

Desktop/Server networking and IT support

General Office Tools Programming

Do you need help customizing a spreadsheet, using macros or setting up an MS Access database?

  • MS Office suite customizations
  • Custom reports and database in MS Access
  • Crystal Report programming

Serving the Sacramento area since 2000.

For those companies with computing needs we offer Desktop/Server networking and support.

  • Windows & Apple support
  • Desktop/Server networking and support
  • Structured cabling - CAT5/CAT6/Fiber
  • VOIP
  • VPN
  • Backup - On/Off Site, Cloud


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