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How We Work


Working with us is easy. We sit down, listen to your needs, provide our expertise in software application and years of knowledge gained helping companies work smarter and better. We are open to your ideas and will offer insights on how to best achieve them. If applicable we would discuss search engine optimization (seo), potential keywords selections.

  • Sign any necessary NDAs if required
  • Establish a basic timeline
  • We won't inundate you with geek speak


Once we have established the scope of work, we will present you with a mockup or wireframe of the project. We will then discuss any changes and repeat those steps until you are happy with the result.

Upon reaching an agreement on the design we will then put together a proposal which will include a breakdown of each feature and how many hours we expect it to take.

  • Provide mock-ups for consideration
  • Highlight breakdown of each feature
  • Define specific milestones
Gwenn and Du Web Consulting

Doing The Work

At this stage we will start coding. The work will be split into the agreed milestones which usually will be based on specific features of the application. As each goal is reached we will fully test and deliver a functioning feature. At each phase, the scope of work can be adjusted as needed.

  • We deliver fully functional features for each milestone.
  • Client can stop further work if unhappy and keep working features.
  • Client is kept updated on a regular basis.
application delivery

Delivery of Finished Product

Upon reaching the final milestone, we will then begin a final round of testing which would also include your input. Based on the type of application we will then either upload the final release to your hosting company, internal servers or app stores. Of course our relationship does not end with the delivery of the final product. We are always available to provide prompt support as needed.

  • Install product on hosting platform
  • Upload to app store
  • Provide support