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Why You Don’t Want to Use WordPress For Your Business Site

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WordPress promises you control over your website and its content. This sounds great in theory, but in our experience working with small businesses, this convenience is overshadowed by the system’s unnecessary complexity and less than intuitive interface.

  • Constant monitoring for updates
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Easy target for hackers
  • Still requires a developer
  • PHP and plugins can become incompatible after updating

Making simple changes to your content can involve navigating a maze of WordPress menus and options. The fact is, running a business is a full time job and few owners will have time to get comfortable enough with these idiosyncrasies to experience any of the convenience WordPress promises. As a result, many users will still require someone to maintain their WordPress sites and make these changes for them. In addition, with so many component updates to keep up with, and the many plugins required to provide simple functionality, security becomes a major issue. Every plugin is a potential back door into your site for unscrupulous developers and as a result, WordPress sites are often hacked.

Don’t Fall for WordPress’s Empty Promises!
We offer truly custom websites designed to match your exact needs. Our websites and applications are built on Microsoft’s .NET framework, which is both secure and stable. If you need to update your content directly from a browser, we make it easy by providing editable components without the complexity.