sacramento telecom web tools case study
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How a telecommunication company leveraged web based tools and services to gain ISO compliance.

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Client works as a vendor for a large telecommunication company and as such is bound to their paperwork, internal forms and standard operating procedures. Existing spreadsheets and other disconnected documents and processes related to field material management needed to be standardized.

  • Excel spreadsheets could be modified by any user
  • Data was difficult to index and search
  • Internal procedures were not compliant with certain ISO standards

Developed a cloud-based web application. Recreated all required forms as reports using SQL server reporting services and created a single-user interface to manage data entry. Implemented a local search engine for quick access to job documents. Standardized and locked forms to prevent unauthorized modification. Enforced procedures through role-based authorizations and user authentication. Streamlined real-time data retrieval by consolidating multiple sources of information into a centralized database.

Features included

Cloud component
  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server reporting services
  • IIS Server hosted on Azure through virtual server
  • VPN tunnels to central offices
web application screenshot
Service component
  • Authentication and authorization management using .NET Framework Identity
  • MVC web application for data entry, search, and form management
  • Production reports
web application screenshot